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    ansav september 2011Download ansav update September 2011, New powerful Antivirus engine with Various theme, computability with Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7. What's new on Ansav September 2011 editions? The Ansav AntiVirus Scan Engine versions september 2011 includes the following new features:
    Command-line scanner
    • The Ansav AntiVirus Scan Engine now includes a command-line scanner, which is a multiplatform utility that lets you send files to be scanned for viruses through the command line. You can repair infected files and delete those that are unrepairable.
    Ansav Improved manageability
    • Upgrade installation support
      You now can install an upgrade to the Ansav AntiVirus Scan Engine over an existing installation (without first uninstalling the previous version). Any configuration changes and customizations that have been made are preserved during the upgrade.
    • Upgraded logging features
      Logging for each logging destination is activated individually by selecting a desired logging level for that destination. Selecting the logging level lets you choose the types of events for which log messages are separated. You can select a different logging level for each logging destination.
    • Dynamic thread pool for antivirus scanning
      The pool of scanning threads that is available to the Ansav AntiVirus Scan Engine for antivirus scanning now dynamically adjusts to the load that is being processed to measure system resources. You can change a number of parameters to control the dynamic thread pool.
    • Data trickle user comforting for Internet User
      This feature prevents a user who downloads a large file from the Internet from receiving a session time-out error by trickling small amounts of the file to the user while the file is being scanned.
    Ansav Antivirus New Edition includes completely hands-off operation with its automatic and transparent program and engine upgrades every time.
    Download ansav september 2011 version.
    - Ansav for Windows PC or Laptop
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