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    ansav agustus 2011
    On Agustus 2011, Ansav has been update on engine and theme, Based on the award-winning Ansav 2011! antivirus engine, anvas! antivirus contains all of the features you would expect in a modern antivirus program.

    It incorporates anti-spyware technology certified by Indonesian Coast Labs' Checkmark process, as well as anti-rootkit and strong self-protection capabilities, but now provides even faster scanning with improved detection ability. It contains several real-time "Shields" which continuously monitor your email and internet connections and check the files on your computer whenever they are opened or closed.

    anvas! antivirus now also comes with a completely revamped user interface for easier scanning. Update Ansav Agustus 2011 offers a number of additional features, including a script shield and a process virtualization module, while anvas! Internet Security comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. Once installed, avast! runs silently in the background to protect your computer against all known forms of malware. You don't need to do anything else - just install and forget!


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