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    Download Ansav Oktober 2011Download Ansav Oktober 2011, ansav antivirus has been receive the best antivirus award from
    based on my opinion you can check more advance about this:

    RegistryCare Description
    registryCare is a rogue registry cleaner application designed to scare the user with fake spyware or registry errors into purchasing the RegistryCare program. Once installed, ansav emulates a computer system scan and will display notifications of imaginary security and privacy risks. Once a notification is clicked, the user will be redirected to the ansav antivirus website where Ansav RegistryCare may be downloaded to clean the supposed threats. These scare tactics are only used by RegistryCare to sell its product. RegistryCare may also collect user’s relevant information and send it to remote hackers for illegal purposes. RegistryCare may generate system slowdown and instability. RegistryCare can be extremely difficult to manually remove.

    Ansav is saver scan
    SaferScan is malware program. Ansav SaferScan is usually downloaded and installed by a Trojan, through browser security holes, or other dubious mechanisms. Once Ansav SaferScan is installed, it produces exaggerated false detections of threats to push the user to purchase a registered SaferScan program to remove the supposed threats. Ansav SaferScan may also install additional adware and spyware on the user’s computer system. Ansav SaferScan may generate system slowdown and instability.


  1. Mampir perdana disini sekalian followed. Sementara saya masih debetah-betahin pake free antivir Sob...gak apa2lah karena emang dah terbiasa pake itu kali...Nice post and happy blogging!

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    salah satu antivirus lokal favorit nih. salut to team

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