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  • Ansav Terbaru April 2012

    Ansav Terbaru April 2012 are under a constant barrage of sophisticated malware and specialist crimeware designed to thwart traditional AV protection strategies. Ansav Antivirus primary function is to fill the gaps in traditional AntiVirus approaches -- specifically advanced polymorphism, serial variant production and single-use malware.

    As Ansav solutions have become more widely deployed within targeted enterprise networks, cybercriminals are being forced to advance their malware protection tools and deploy additional anti-virtualization mechanisms to protect their malware investment. While the arms war between Ansav developers and evasion specialists has only just begun - cybercriminals appear to already have the upper hand when it comes to detecting emulated and virtualized analysis environments.

    When deployed as part of an Ansav antivirus protection strategy, Ansav value is dependent on being able to receive intercepted malicious binary files prior to the infection of the digital asset. It is assumed that the operating system of any targeted and vulnerable assets can be replicated within the Ansav system for analysis purposes. It is important to note that Ansav systems are not designed to identify digital assets that have already been compromised nor provide visibility of malicious binary threats that did not enter through the Ansav Terbaru April 2012 primary monitored network interfaces.


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