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  • Ansav Terbaru Februari 2012

    Ansav February 2012 published a version that is almost the same as the version in Indonesia local antivirus, virus search engine capabilities Ansav somewhat different from other local antivirus.

    Privilege held by Ansav antivirus is a variety of forms and can be portable, so that we can put in outside devices such as USB stick or Flashdisk.

    Ability this antivirus not the same as commercial local antivirus, because ANSAV Antivirus only designed as portable software and on February 2012 version can be run without the need of installation, Currently ANSAV been able to detect a wide range of new local viruses and several foreign viruses that are circulating in Indonesia, but Download ANSAV not be relied upon as your personal Antivirus because many viruses can be detected by other Antivirus and was not detected by Ansav engine, this due to the limitations Antivirus database (the virus definition signature) owned antivirus which only developed in the scope of Indonesia only (local support only) although could have detected several foreign viruses, because that's your role to always send samples of the latest viruses that can not be detected by ANSAV Update is necessary, in order ANSAV Database always be your mainstay weapon to eradicate the virus especially the local virus.

    ANSAV 2012 made ​​using a 32 bit assembly language, so the file size is very small, but it has high speed, the test I did using a PC computer processor AMD Athlon XP 1.5GHz, chip ECS, 512 MB RAM, HD Seagate 7200 RPM, Windows XP OS pro SP1, produced the speed checking 237 files per second!, but this speed also depends on media that are checked, eg checking the speed on the hard disk will be different to checking in CD-R
    OM or on removable media (exp. stick).

    License ANSAV Terbaru:Ansav Terbaru Februari 2012Antivirus ANSAV license is freeware, meaning you are free to reproduce or distribute them for free as long as not for commercial purposes (example: You sell a CD that contains ansav Sorry not allowed), however not under the flag ANSAV GPL (General Public License), and only used to the personal (not for establishments)
    ANSAV Terbaru Februari 2012 .


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